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At 26 years old, my American Quarter Horse x TB, who had been diagnosed with PPID some three years earlier, suffered a serious bout of laminitis that did not seem to be responding to the excellent treatment being provided by my vet and farrier. Buddy’s  x-rays seemed to show some rotation of the pedal bone, but despite having his medication and care adjusted and wearing Imprint shoes, some two and half months later he was showing little improvement, though he remained bright and alert and certainly didn’t seem ready to give up on life.

Initially I called Andrew Poynton for advice, hoping he could shed some new light on the situation, and I was not disappointed.  Not only did Andrew request copies of his x-rays and then spend time talking on the phone to both myself and my farrier, explaining the difference between pedal bone rotation and hoof capsule rotation, but he also offered to make the 10 hour round trip to come and see Buddy for himself and demonstrate the changes that needed to be made, if Buddy was to have a fighting chance of survival.


On the day of his arrival, Andrew generously shared his knowledge and techniques with my appreciative vet and farrier and a few hours later it was amazing to see my old boy already looking more comfortable than he had in previous months. The next morning, Buddy looked even better, and whereas before he had rarely moved from in front of his stable door, piling up manure directly behind him, it was clear from the droppings all around his box that he was now willing and able to move around his stable.


I was frankly amazed that someone of Andrew’s world renowned standing was so willing to reorganise his schedule, to help one horse, hundreds of miles away from his clinic. Though a full recovery for Buddy is still perhaps some months away, Andrew has now certainly put him on the right track and I cannot thank him enough.  Even after being a farrier for over 35 years, his passion and enthusiasm not only for his craft, but for the horses he treats, is clearly still evident. I know I will not be alone in saying that I will be forever in his debt for giving my beloved horse another chance at life.


Heather Parsons

Co Durham

My horse recently suffered from an attack of laminitis and so I was referred to the Poynton Farriery Clinic through my veterinary practice.  At first we had fears of some possible long term damage and the road to recovery seemed a long one.


The quick action taken by Andrew to stabilise the feet with Imprint First shoes, and his care and attention to detail means that my horse is sound and is well on the way to making a full recovery. 


I cannot thank Andrew enough for all he has done to ensure that we have achieved the best possible outcome for my much loved and very special horse and I cannot recommend the services of Andrew highly enough”


Rachael Neal



Thank you for all your patience, knowledge, and your inquisitive mind!

I have a happy sound horse. What a journey!


With best wishes, Sue Conway.

Nr. Cirencester