… All I can say is that on walking out Billy for the first time he was more sound than he had ever been, able to relax and not experiencing the excrutiating pain that clearly had made him so miserable … more

… I asked [Andrew] for advice on my 18h 6 year old Cleveland bay about his box foot , which he has been intermittently lame. I was impressed with the time Andrew took to explain how he could help … more

…a few hours later it was amazing to see my old boy already looking more comfortable than he had in previous months. The next morning, Buddy looked even better, and whereas before he had rarely moved from in front of his stable door… more

…our vet didn’t give us much hope at the time because of the severity of the painful problem. It was at this point we were introduced to Andrew Poynton…  more

“…the individual customer service and work in conjunction with vets, is excellent. I couldn’t recommend the Clinic highly enough”. more

…I had been discussing with my farrier the possibility of trying Imprint shoeing and we agreed that Andrew Poynton should be asked to assess the horse. On each of his visits Andrew was scrupulous in working on the balance of the front feet, discussing his findings and recommendations with my own farrier… more


We were introduced to Andrew and the Poynton Farriery Clinic at the “11th hour” and only wish we had used the Imprint system immediately following diagnosis of laminitis. We would therefore recommend the use of Imprint shoes as soon as possible to ensure early stabilisation… more

… Hetty was in extreme pain with chronic laminitis for many months I tried different avenues to ease her pain, … In January 2011 I called Andrew as a last chance to help save my beloved family pet, … he analysed the growth of her feet and explained in detail exactly what he was doing at every step, within hours of having her feet trimmed and shod with Imprint shoes she was standing and within days she was much brighter and able to go for short walks… more

… It is a dream come true to be able to ride him again, because I thought the very best we could do was to keep him alive!… more

My horse’s hoof walls had crumbled badly… Andrew used his incredible expertise and very impressive materials to achieve a highly successful reconstruction… more

Just a very quick update on ‘Vicky’ … pony and jockey are in FULL work, she’s grazing in small amounts and loving life! more

She was sound after the first shoeing with Imprint Sport shoes, which can be specially built up to cater for her imbalances and cracked hoof wall. She has worn these shoes in front ever since and has had no further foot lameness. more

… He could only walk with great difficulty and a lot of pain… A severe foot trimming was needed, then the plastic shoes were fitted. We could not believe the improvement… more

It got to the point where there was nothing to nail a metal shoe to, so I suggested to my farrier that he fit nailless plastic shoes,” said Sonia Mayne, after her gelding Rivaldi won two freestyles at Oldencraig. more

…we cannot thank you enough for the work you have done with Vicky, and bearing in mind I’d asked the vet to put her down the night before… more

I can’t thank you enough for coming to see my pony with his severe laminitis and hoof problems. You have been a great help in explaining everything… more

… I cannot believe he can walk round his box. Absolutely amazing… more

… I was staggered at the change in him. He had been really, really uncomfortable. more

… his care and attention to detail means that my horse is sound and is well on the way to making a full recovery. more

… Andrew’s expertise, care, precision, attention to detail and attentiveness were second to none, not to mention his wonderful Imprint shoes. more