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Andrew visited my yard to put Imprint shoes on a pony with rotation . I asked him for advice on my 18h 6 year old Cleveland bay about his box foot , which he has been intermittently lame.

I was impressed with the time Andrew took to explain how he could help.
So I booked him in and after 3 hours of such care and attention to detail, my horse has improved , a long way to go , but the future is looking a lot better.

Many thanks to you Andrew.

Jackie Hudson

My horse’s hoof walls had crumbled badly and I was advised to stop riding him … Andrew used his incredible expertise and very impressive materials to achieve a highly successful reconstruction.

As a result I was able to start riding again immediately. My horse’s feet had fully recovered within 3 months. I could not be more delighted and appreciative of Andrew’s skills.

Mary Cook


‘Vicky’ Update…

Just a very quick update on ‘Vicky’ the pony…. I have attached a second set of X-rays I had done in preparation for her Imprints to come off… I hope you have my previous mail with the original set on, as already, a difference can be seen!!! Also, pony and jockey are in FULL work, she’s grazing in small amounts and loving life! Kristian is coming Thursday to remove the Imprints so keeping everything crossed….

Very many thanks again for everything you did for Vicky… we really are so grateful.

Kind regards
Debbie Coffey

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Pony Vicky
Pony Vicky.

Last Autumn my mare competed in hunter trials, intro level one day events and show jumped – not bad for a 22 year old who went lame aged 18 with foot pain!

I have owned her since she was 7 years old and she has always had poor feet which are small, prone to cracking, sensitive to stones and very slow growing. My farrier did a great job shoeing her for many years and she has lead a busy life and stayed sound until she was 18. That summer she just ran out of foot to nail into, she had mediolateral imbalances and her heels were sore. Nerve blocks and xrays proved the pain was in the feet and there was no evidence of arthritis, so my farrier directed me to Andrew for Imprint shoes.

She was sound after the first shoeing with Imprint Sport shoes, which can be specially built up to cater for her imbalances and cracked hoof wall. She has worn these shoes in front ever since and has had no further foot lameness. She has continued to be active, doing a great variety of activities with no special consideration paid to her shoes or feet. She lives out and I find the shoes last slightly longer than steel shoes. She doesn’t lose shoes prematurely, even if its muddy. Previously I had tried feeding and applying a great variety of supplements and hoof treatments, all of which were unsuccessful in correcting her poor hoof wall. Now she has strong hoof wall horn under the Imprint shoes with no cracking and a little bit of heel growth. She strides out confidently over stony ground and negotiates downward slopes now with enthusiasm!

I think without these shoes my mare would have been retired four years ago, but as it is she is still going strong and will continue to be shod this way.

Kate Rapley BVSc MRCVS

Our little welsh pony Peri suffered from laminitis. He could only walk with great difficulty and a lot of pain. The vet from the George Equine Clinic contacted Mr Poynton who has developed the Imprint Foot Care Treatment.

A severe foot trimming was needed, then the plastic shoes were fitted. We could not believe the improvement, he could walk, trot and buck.

He was full of himself.

We are so indebted with the time and care Mr Poynton took with Peri and we can not thank him enough.

Mr and Mrs B Tidd

Peri in his Imprint First shoes
Peri in his Imprint First shoes.
Peri testing his Imprint First shoes
He was full of himself.
Peri testing his first pair of Imprint shoes
Peri testing his first pair of Imprint shoes.

I owe it to… Andrew Poynton

“He has always had problems with a quarter crack in one of his front feet. It got to the point where there was nothing to nail a metal shoe to, so I suggested to my farrier that he fit nailless plastic shoes,” said Sonia Mayne, after her gelding Rivaldi won two freestyles at Oldencraig.

“However, Rivaldi found them so slippery he fell over so I took him to see the shoe designer.” Remedial farrier and managing director of Imprint Equine Foot Care, Andrew Poynton, soon had the problem sussed.

“Rivaldi has the kind of small, deep, front feet you sometimes find in warmbloods that allow the hoof to twist under at the heel at the point of greatest stress and can cause splitting. I used structural adhesive and flexible repair material of similar elasticity and weight as hoof horn to deal with the split before reshoeing him.

The new shoe lifts and widens the inner side of the foot to enable balanced footfall and even weight bearing. I used Imprint Sport shoes which have fullering, and put in tungsten pins for extra grip.”

“More than 600 people have attended our fitting courses, but many qualified farriers successfully use them by following instructions and video demonstration on our website. Each box of shoes includes a précis of instructions to refer to.

Oldencraig, 15 January 2011, included elementary and medium performances by Sonia Mayne and Rivaldi, the nine-year-old 17.1hh Rotspon gelding. They scored 71.87% and 74.68% respectively.

Extracts reproduced courtesy Horse & Hound magazine 27 January 2011

Imprint Sport Horseshoe
Imprint Sport Horseshoe.

Andrew, You very kindly fitted Imprint shoes to our little section b, ‘Vicky’ on 22nd December at Harris Croft, Wootton Bassett.

I cannot even begin to tell you the change in this pony… paired with her new Bedmax bed instead of straw, soaked hay instead of haylege and no rugs, you’d be hard pushed to recognise the crippled sad pony you met! She has been off her ‘Metacam’ painkiller for over a week now, after me decreasing it slowly. She has hardly any crest, and what is there is soft and floppy, her fat pads on her rump have gone! BUT….my concern is, (and what a lovely concern to have!!) is that there’s just NO stopping her.

She was trying to escape from her stable 2 days after you did her feet, she’s now at the point of being walked out everyday, albeit for only short periods of time, and I have built this up daily. But if let loose in the sand school, she bucks and rears like stink and generally hoons around, so now she is kept firmly on her lead rein but is a tank.

I would like to add, that at no time has she showed any signs of being either footy or stiff after these events!

She is moving back home here with me where we have a field shelter and hard turnout in the winter so she can come and go all day as she pleases and restricted turnout in the summer which will be perfect for her. Her metabolic tests are being done on Tuesday but neither the vet or myself think it will show anything, but I feel I need it ruled out.

Once again, we cannot thank you enough for the work you have done with Vicky, and bearing in mind I’d asked the vet to put her down the night before…. My little boy thinks she’s had totally new legs as she’s so much quicker than she was!!!

Kind regards
Debbie Coffey

We will keep you up to date with her progress… see here tonight she dragged me around the yard and school!! 

Vicky - 2 weeks after Imprint’s were fitted
Vicky - 2 weeks after Imprint’s were fitted.

Update on Tapir

Tapir is doing tremendously well, is out in a big (but very well grazed) field in the day and in his pen with bed at night. He is almost sound on that original injury and perfectly sound on turf on his fronts. He can walk over hard surfaces without boots now too. His toes are still growing out rather than down but he is still growing plenty of heel, and a little quarters. I am rasping a small amount every couple of weeks and keeping the bulges at his toes down.


Further update here

Tapir – 8 year old 15hh Gypsy Cob with acute, steroid-induced laminitis

 When my riding and draft cob Tapir developed acute steroid-induced laminitis from a joint injection, my vet – Sarah Hayes from the George Equine Veterinary Clinic – and remedial farrier Andrew Poynton were attending to him within a few hours after I found him immobile during my morning horse-check.

Tapir’s case was acute in onset, in all four feet and severe. My vet recommended Andrew Poynton, and his remedial trimming and Imprint shoes were to be the mainstay of treatment. Apart from that all that could be done was drug therapy for pain relief and vascular support, and immobilisation via box rest on a deep bed. My vet advised that my horse’s chance of making it was 50:50, especially after radiographs showed a 14 degree rotation of the left fore pedal bone, and a 16 degree rotation of the right fore pedal bone. Andrew believed we had a good chance of saving him, so we embarked on a very long and very arduous journey of expensive treatment and intensive nursing.

Throughout the first six month period of intensive treatment, Andrew’s expertise, care, precision, attention to detail and attentiveness were second to none, not to mention his wonderful Imprint shoes. As a graduate of physiology, I often had a barrage of questions and a need for explanation, with which Andrew showed extended patience. Andrew’s understanding of the equine foot and his knowledge of the wide variety of theories about both the healthy and the unhealthy foot was impressive, and his open-mindedness, common-sense approach and vast experience with remedial.

laminitis cases were clearly evident. Tapir had many complications, including both front soles abscessing during which time he was mostly recumbent, colitis and aggravation of the original hind fetlock injury. Throughout, I knew Andrew was just a phone call away, and he was back visiting several times between shoeing to drill and relieve pressure or to adjust foot balance.

Overall I was highly impressed with Andrew’s experience and attitude, and also his customer care. Having such a sick horse is both emotionally and physically draining and I felt supported by both Andrew and my team of vets throughout.

Almost eight months on, Tapir is sound on turf, without shoes. He lives out on a bare paddock during the day with stalky hay, and returns to a woodchip pen with shelter and a straw bed overnight. He will be reintroduced to his herd in another few weeks. He is several weeks into a rehabilitation programme of daily walking in-hand. The past six months hoof horn growth is well aligned and without flare. I can even imagine riding him again one day, or pulling a log or two up from the woods.

I am eternally grateful to Andrew and my vet team who gave my horse a second chance.


See update here

Comet was first shod by Andrew at the beginning of January 2010 as a veterinary referral. His owner, Kay Webb commented on the immediate result: “I was staggered at the change in him. He had been really, really uncomfortable. The look in his eye changed from a horse in agony to a horse that could cope.”

Kay Webb

Treatment included – Imprint First shoes 5 ½” x 6 ¼” Oval. Imprint Hoof Repair granules.

I’d just like to say thank you very much, Andrew, for an amazing job on my pony who has been not good for nearly 3 months now. I cannot believe he can walk round his box. Absolutely amazing in a few hours’ work. Can’t praise you enough.

Thank you once again.
Mrs Foreman

Treatment included – Imprint First shoes 3 ½”



I can’t thank you enough for coming to see my pony with his severe laminitis and hoof problems. You have been a great help in explaining everything you have done for my pony on Tuesday 27th February. After what the vet was saying just a few days before, you have made me feel a lot more positive towards the outcome for Cloud’s life. He was back to his very cheeky self the next day, opening the stable door and seeing what mischief he can get into.

He is enjoying his new sleepers and finding it so much more comfortable to stand on with his hoof and heel trimmed back to the correct size. Cloud has been able to stand out in the sunshine for a few hours at the weekend (on concrete) and has been lunged a few times, only walking, his stride looks a lot more free than it has done for a long time. I will keep you up to date with Cloud’s progress and of course the weight loss. Many Thanks,

Genna Chainey

Treatment program included – Imprint First shoes 4 ½” then Imprint Plus and later Imprint Sport.

Cloud - much more comfortable
Much more comfortable in Imprint shoes.