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Andrew was requested to see my cherished and much loved Welsh D pony, Billy. Billy has a history of EMS, with exceptionally elevated blood counts over 300, and a recent diagnosis of Cushings. Billy had previously suffered with Laminitis, but on this occasion was very uncomfortable, not able to move or turn, and presented clinically in extreme pain and thoroughly depressed!!!

Right from the outset Andrew gave me a lot of his time by telephone and during his visit. He was solution focused for the welfare of my Billy with the initial target of managing his pain level. I had researched his Imprint shoes technology and was very impressed by the outcomes from previous cases in particular their suitability with chronic laminitics.

Andrew explained the whole procedure, taking his time to thoroughly assess Billy’s X-rays and ensure the level of care that Billy needed.

All I can say is that on walking out Billy for the first time he was more sound than he had ever been, able to relax and not experiencing the excrutiating pain that clearly had made him so miserable.

Billy has made progress daily since his Imprint shoes have been fitted, and continues to look comfortable in his rehabilitation.

Andrew was noticeably kind and gentle around Billy, and with his extensive knowledge and caring approach I was so relieved to have Billy see him. I cannot thank him enough, not only for treating my adored pony, but also for developing and engineering these pioneering techniques.

I can thoroughly recommend Andrew and without his input Billy would not be where he is now in his journey overcoming laminitis.

Emma Hammonds

Billy fitted with Imprint First shoes.


Billy is recovering well, now wearing his Imprint Sport shoes so that he can exercise more.

Billy recovering well
Billy recovering well.


Thank you for all your patience, knowledge, and your inquisitive mind! I have a happy sound horse. What a journey!

With best wishes, Sue Conway.
Nr. Cirencester

At 26 years old, my American Quarter Horse x TB, who had been diagnosed with PPID some three years earlier, suffered a serious bout of laminitis that did not seem to be responding to the excellent treatment being provided by my vet and farrier. Buddy’s x-rays seemed to show some rotation of the pedal bone, but despite having his medication and care adjusted and wearing Imprint shoes, some two and half months later he was showing little improvement, though he remained bright and alert and certainly didn’t seem ready to give up on life.

Initially I called Andrew Poynton for advice, hoping he could shed some new light on the situation, and I was not disappointed. Not only did Andrew request copies of his x-rays and then spend time talking on the phone to both myself and my farrier, explaining the difference between pedal bone rotation and hoof capsule rotation, but he also offered to make the 10 hour round trip to come and see Buddy for himself and demonstrate the changes that needed to be made, if Buddy was to have a fighting chance of survival.

Buddy at County Show
Buddy at County Show

On the day of his arrival, Andrew generously shared his knowledge and techniques with my appreciative vet and farrier and a few hours later it was amazing to see my old boy already looking more comfortable than he had in previous months. The next morning, Buddy looked even better, and whereas before he had rarely moved from in front of his stable door, piling up manure directly behind him, it was clear from the droppings all around his box that he was now willing and able to move around his stable.

I was frankly amazed that someone of Andrew’s world renowned standing was so willing to reorganise his schedule, to help one horse, hundreds of miles away from his clinic. Though a full recovery for Buddy is still perhaps some months away, Andrew has now certainly put him on the right track and I cannot thank him enough. Even after being a farrier for over 35 years, his passion and enthusiasm not only for his craft, but for the horses he treats, is clearly still evident. I know I will not be alone in saying that I will be forever in his debt for giving my beloved horse another chance at life.

Heather Parsons
Co Durham

“My horse recently suffered from an attack of laminitis and so I was referred to the Poynton Farriery Clinic through my veterinary practice. At first we had fears of some possible long term damage and the road to recovery seemed a long one.

The quick action taken by Andrew to stabilise the feet with Imprint First shoes, and his care and attention to detail means that my horse is sound and is well on the way to making a full recovery.

I cannot thank Andrew enough for all he has done to ensure that we have achieved the best possible outcome for my much loved and very special horse and I cannot recommend the services of Andrew highly enough”

Rachael Neal

Holly is a 28 year old Connemara she was diagnosed with chronic laminitis and Cushing’s disease in October 2012 our vet didn’t give us much hope at the time because of the severity of the painful problem.

It was at this point we were introduced to Andrew Poynton. His first visit was on the 14th of November 2012 and since then Holly has made a fantastic recovery with Andrews continued foot care treatment.

I have been riding Holly again for some time although it’s an ongoing treatment I would recommend these Imprint shoes there fantastic. Andrew is Holly’s special farrier.

Mrs Bernadine Sleeman


“I’ve been using Andrew Poynton as our surgical farrier for five years now. The Imprint Shoe is an incredible design and a life saver, especially for horses prone to laminitis, cracked feet, or have little or no heel. One particular mare that had a bout of laminitis post foaling, was fitted with Imprint shoes on first signs. Two years on, and she is 100% sound and barefoot again, living a normal broodmare life. Also, the individual customer service and work in conjunction with vets, is excellent. I couldn’t recommend the Clinic highly enough”.

David Fitch-Peyton
Stud Manager

Whitley Stud

Foals - Whitley Stud
Foals - Whitley Stud.

A year ago I had a horse who, it was discovered, had abscesses in all four of his rather flat, TB-type feet. Try poulticing that lot for a fortnight!

There then followed six months of remedial shoeing which did not suit the horse and he was still pottery and miserable, totally unable to follow the showing and dressage career for which he was destined.

Towards the end of this period I had been discussing with my farrier the possibility of trying Imprint shoeing and we agreed that Andrew Poynton should be asked to assess the horse.

On each of his visits Andrew was scrupulous in working on the balance of the front feet, discussing his findings and recommendations with my own farrier, who joined him at each visit, and who was experienced in carrying out Imprint shoeing for customers when warranted.

Just The One Ryan
Just The One Ryan

When the first pair of shoes were glued on, I should imagine Ryan would have thought he was wearing bedroom slippers and, by completion of the second visit, he was already so much more comfortable in his feet. I was hacking him out and he was beginning to show a lovely length of stride in walk, the like of which I had forgotten he possessed! Within weeks I was able to try a flatwork lesson, and my instructor and others who saw him working could not believe the lovely stride, the forwardness, and the lack of spookiness and arguing, which we now realise were ways of trying to get out of working on his painful feet.

After five shoeing’s I now have my lovely young horse doing the things I had always thought he was capable of. He is competing successfully in showing and dressage, and is a delight to ride and handle, bright and cheerful with enthusiasm written all over his face.

As a bonus, the shoes never show signs of wearing out and would probably stay on for longer than the five week intervals that Ryan has been shod, and I have absolutely no doubt that Imprint shoes and the expertise behind them have been the saving of him.

To use a favourite expression of Andrew’s… Very much a “Happy Horse”.

Romsey, Hampshire

Andrew Poynton’s skill as a remedial farrier combined with his Imprint mouldable shoe system has worked miracles with our 28 year old Lipizzaner gelding suffering severe laminitis with pedal bone rotation. In doing so Andrew has saved not one but two horses, as we do not believe his 34 year old Lipizzaner ‘buddy’ would have survived the separation. Andrew’s approach is radical, confident and caring. He is honest and straightforward in his appraisal, and was, in our case, the only professional prepared to tackle this difficult case.

We were introduced to Andrew and the Poynton Farriery Clinic at the “11th hour” and only wish we had used the Imprint system immediately following diagnosis of laminitis. We would therefore recommend the use of Imprint shoes as soon as possible to ensure early stabilisation, reduced trauma and hopefully rapid recovery from laminitis.

We cannot recommend Andrew more highly to all caring horse owners.

Keith & Dee Talbott


A further update on Tapir

Just another quick update on Tapir.. he is doing better than expected and is now up to 45 mins road walking every other day under saddle, with a tiny amount of trot. He trotted up sound on the tarmac, without boots when my vet Andy checked him in early January.

He is back in harness and getting prepped to start pulling tiny logs! It is a dream come true to be able to ride him again, because I thought the very best we could do was to keep him alive! Here are some pics of him.

I will be forever grateful for your expertise, your attitude, the hope you gave me and all the support,

Very best wishes

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Tapir jumping
Tapir jumping around the paddock.
Tapir in harness
Tapir in harness.

Hettys Battle with Laminitis

I would like to say a massive thank you to Andrew, Hetty was in extreme pain with chronic laminitis for many months I tried different avenues to ease her pain, what with having metabolic problems, cushing’s disease being 21 years old and having underlying problems with her immune system I felt that I may be coming to the end of a very long emotional and distressing battle with laminitis.

In January 2011 I called Andrew as a last chance to help save my beloved family pet, on arrival he saw a very ill Hetty laying down reluctant to stand, she had been laying down on and off for three months prior to Andrew attending, Andrew looked at her feet in a very detailed way he analysed the growth of her feet and explained in detail exactly what he was doing at every step, within hours of having her feet trimmed and shod with Imprint shoes she was standing and within days she was much brighter and able to go for short walks, I could not believe the difference in her.

Hetty before treatment for laminitis
Hetty before treatment for laminitis.
Preparation for Imprint shoe
Preparation for Imprint shoe.
Foot trim February 11
Foot trim February 11.

Andrews knowledge and experience were second to none for the last 5 months he has trimmed and rebuilt her feet using his amazing skills and with the help of Imprint shoes and Hoof Repair Hetty has a quality of life again she is being walked out every day in hand and has trotted up sound.

It has been a long road but a very rewarding one seeing my best friend of 18 years go from being in agony to trotting around her paddock looking amazing, I don’t have enough words to say how much I appreciate all that Andrew has done for me and Hetty if anybody is reading this with a laminitic I really think this avenue is worth looking into I know that not all horses respond to the same treatment for laminitis but the nailing on of shoes would have been agony for Hetty she needed the support of a shoe. A good remedial farrier and Imprint shoes gave her this support and Hetty owes her life to these shoes and Andrew.

Thank you so much a very happy Hetty and owner.

Hettys recovery
Hettys recovery.